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Among all our little haberdashery supplies, the selection of yarn patterns available on Ajanta Studios have been one of our most exceedingly popular products - so much so that people are even letting us know through Twitter that theirs has arrived safely!

From chunky colours to fancifully fashioned fibres, a single strand of yarn can be enough to inspire a project, and this may go to explain why needleworkers always buy it in frightening quantity. Any crafter's wallet (or dutiful other half) may wince in fear when the knitting supply shop comes into view, but that's only second to the horrendous mess that is an unkempt sewing room. To prevent this little catastrophe from occurring, we've compiled these 8 excellent yarn organisation ideas to try and apply with your own stash.

#1 - Classic Wooden Yarn Storage Bins

We know you just read 'yarn' and 'bin' and are in a panic. It's OK, re-read it and take a deep breath. These are actually one of the most tried and tested methods for bundling up and keeping yarn organised; simple little wooden storage bins that can be used for anything from toys to tools. Finding a good set of yarn storage bins is fairly easy, but you can always try and make your own with the myriad of DIY plans available online.

#2 - Sticking Coffee Canisters To The Walls

Speaking of DIY, if you've got the extra inclination and supplies, this one is definetly worth the effort. By taking a few finished coffee cannisters, biscuit barrels or what have you, you can then cement together, reinforce them with strips of cardboard and then nail them to the wall. If we may resurrect a long-lost bit of lingo, we feel this idea is simply...tubular.

#3 - Re-purposing Magazine Boxes

If you've ever needed an excuse to get rid of those piling up stacks of old magazines, then what better reason is there than to make room for another space-consuming collection?! When you've got every issue into the recycling, you can take everyone of those cardboard magazine boxes, turn them on their sides, and arrange them on a couple of shelves with your yarn neatly tucked inside.

#4 - Putting Them On Display - In Glass!

For those who really have far too much yarn, to the point where you're not expecting to use it for months/years to come, why not put those extra skeins on display in a lovely glass jar. You can always opt for plastic if the fragility bothers you, but either way the transparency of this yarn display idea lets you show off your most favourite colours.

#5 - Comfortable Sewing Slings

An open and inviting method of organising yarn, these simple hammocks can hold huge quantities of yarn whilst keeping it nicely displayed, and extremely easy to pick out. Used by many fabric stores, all you need is some wire shelving, a few pieces of sturdy fabric and a decent bit of wall space. It's one step away from putting a hammock in your sewing room!

yarn storage ideas

#6 - Hanging Yarn & Craft Organisers

A popular product with the needlecraft community, most haberdashery shops or home furniture shops should have a hanging storage basket along these lines. Made with plenty of compartments to hold skeins of all shapes and sizes, the best will also have a side pocket (or two) for needles, accessories and your favourite sewing magazines.

#7 - DIY Plastic Bottle Yarn Holders

Virtually all these yarn organisation ideas deal with keeping your skeins nice and tucked away when in storage, but what about a method for keeping it out-of-sight when you're working away? These clever little devices, made with an everyday plastic bottle, can keep your yarn clean and untangled when you're knitting away. It's recycling in the best sense of the word - in fact there is a word for it: upcycling!

#8 - The Giant Yarn Peg Board

Last but not least, we come to what may be the ultimate yarn organisation idea ever conceived as far as quick access, display quality and spacing is concerned. The yarn peg board keeps your skeins out the of way, lets you grab any colour with easy and it actually looks pretty lovely on the wall of your sewing room. It's possible to buy pegboards from most hardware stores, and aside from a few extra pieces of kit it's a remarkably simple yet superb yarn storage idea.

If you have any yarn organisation ideas, or any kind of crafty systems for haberdashery harmony in the home, let us know through the Ajanta Studios Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

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