From topstitch, jean and tackling thread to tapisserie wool, the world of haberdashery is home to a wide range of materials that are specially chosen to improve the quality and style of your next project and make the creation of it even smoother and easier than ever before.

But if you find yourself frequently tangled up in terminology, it's time to explore one of the less straightforward phrases out there, and that's tapisserie wool. Ajanta Studios supply a range of high quality 100% pure new wool tapisserie that will elevate any creative endeavour, and we offer a spectrum of stunning and unique shades and sizes from some of the most trusted brands, including Anchor.

In our latest blog, Ajanta Studios will reveal the meaning behind tapisserie wool, giving you the definition, background and uses of this haberdashery essential. We've also put together a selection of high quality, bestselling tapisserie wools that are popular with our customers right now!

What Is Tapisserie Wool?

Translated from the Old French word, tapisserie - meaning tapestry - a textile discipline which literally describes "covering with heavy fabric". Tapisserie wool is a type of wool that has been specially made for canvas embroidery, needlepoint or tapestry and comes with a hardwearing composition and a tight twist to minimise fraying when working on canvases, which can have rough edges.

The durable qualities of tapisserie wool make it ideal for a wide range of heavy-use and high traffic items including chair seat cushions, rugs and footstools. You'll also be able to let your imagination run wild with an array of eye-catching shades to bring any creative project to life. Ajanta's tapisserie wool is also washable at 40C and can be dry-cleaned.

What We Offer...

Discover our most popular tapisserie wool colour shades that have been a hit with our canvas embroidery, needlepoint and tapestry-loving customers recently.

Anchor Tapisserie Wool - Winter Cherry

Ideal for projects inspired by the cold weather months, this is a beautiful tapisserie wool from Anchor. Available in an appealing and unique Wintery Cherry shade that will add delicate colour to any seasonal project you're designing for the home.

Anchor Tapisserie Wool - Ivory

This luxurious and hardwearing choice from Anchor comes with a rich, deep yellow tint to give any tapestry project a unique twist. Anchor's tapisserie wool is a colourfast yarn, meaning it won't bleed and the colour itself won't change or fade when it is washed.

Anchor Tapisserie Wool - Blue

Our customers love this 4-ply tapisserie wool and it's not hard to see why… If you want to give your canvas embroidery, needlepoint or tapestry project a dash of style, then make sure you choose this wonderful, practical and colourful choice from Anchor.

Anchor Tapisserie Wool - Orange

Add some vivid tones to your next tapestry project with this bright orange tapestry wool from Anchor. For projects that are designed to inject some life and colour into your home interiors, this gorgeous 100% pure new tapisserie wool will make any finished piece instantly stand out, regardless of the season or setting.

Post By Ed Mason