From straight needles to circular, double pointed to interchangeable knitting needles, there are a wide range of different pointed knitting tools out there to suit your next project. For knitting experts, choosing the right needle is very instinctive but for needlecraft novices the decision may seem laced with confusion.

Although most knitting beginners will be familiar with those classic, straight, single point knitting needles - available in an array of sizes, finishes and end designs - the knitting tool that often provokes the most curiosity among those starting out is the distinctive cable stitch needle.

In our latest blog, Ajanta Studios will explain exactly why cable stitch needles are an absolute must-have for your knitting kit, giving your upcoming projects a very attractive twist...

What Are Cable Stitch Needles?

Cable stitch knitting needles are designed to assist you in holding stitches to create a decorative and traditional cable knit pattern or twisted cable look, often seen in winter jumpers and classic knitwear including, sweaters, cardigans, scarfs and vests.

This special type of knitting needle is central to the cable knitting technique; where you cross over a set of stitches so they sit either in front or behind to create that distinctive looking twisted cable pattern. You can achieve the cable stitch pattern without a cable stitch needle, but having one handy does make the process more straightforward.

Knitting without a cable stitch needle is easier for experienced knitters as they'll likely be more confident with the slip-and-catch needle technique required for cable knit patterns. However, for beginners and those just starting out, cable stitch needles are a great place to start as they'll hold your stitches in place.

How Do I Choose The Right Cable Stitch Needle For My Project?

When picking out a cable stitch needle, make sure that it is the same size or larger than your knitting needle. If your yarn contains a high silk, nylon or polyester content, which will make it slippery and harder to work with, go for a larger size. You'll know your cable stitch needle is the right size as it won't slip around or be too tight, it will simply glide easily yet securely over the needle.

Pony Cable Stitch Needles

At Ajanta Studios, we offer bent cable stitch needles from Pony that temporarily hold stitches when knitting cable patterns and they can be placed either in front or behind the knit. They are also expertly designed to prevent your stitches from slipping off and ideal for avid knitters of any experience level.

Post By Ed Mason