If your latest needlework project is all about appliqué motifs, handicrafts or another form of fabric joining, then you need to get familiar with the brilliance of Bondaweb.

Whether you're just starting out in the haberdashery world or you're a seasoned stitcher who has simply never tried Bondaweb, now's your chance to expand your knowledge and give your latest creation the professional edge it deserves...

Appliqués and similar fabric design techniques are incredibly popular, striking and eye-catching, giving both clothing and textiles a vibrant, beautifully crafted and detailed look. But to achieve these dazzling designs you need to meld your applique design reliably and effectively to your chosen fabric material - and the best way to do this is with a little help from Bondaweb, available at Ajanta Studios.

In our latest blog, we'll tell you everything you need to know about Bondaweb and guide you through the very best way to use and apply it. We'll also reveal our must-have Bondaweb product - handpicked by Ajanta - that will instantly and reliably enhance the finish of your latest project!

What Is Bondaweb?

Bondaweb is a special iron-on adhesive for appliques, mending, handicrafts, repairs and similar fabric joining projects. It can also be used on all your chosen fabrics, including felt, raffia, cardboard, wood and also leather at a low temperature. Bondaweb is machine washable at 60 degrees and dry cleanable when used in your clothing and textile creations.

How Do You Use Bondaweb?

#1. Draw or trace your appliqué motif back-to-front on Bondaweb and roughly cut out the shape.

#2. Lay the Bondaweb with the rough side on the reverse of the fabric and apply a household iron for around 5-10 seconds.

#3. Take care to accurately cut out the motif and remove the backing paper.

#4. Place in the area you want on another piece of fabric with the coated side facing down. Cover with a damp cloth and apply your iron for 10 seconds - section-by-section.

#5. Sew on the appliqué motif with a zigzag stitch.

The Benefits Of Using Bondaweb

  • Bondaweb is only sticky when heat is applied
  • Once in place you can wash any bondaweb clothing or textile up to 60 degrees
  • Bondaweb can be dry cleaned
  • Ideal for accurately cutting and applying appliqués
  • Ensures that appliqués are stable and simple to sew into place
  • Designs can be easily planned and created thanks to the easy-to-draw-on backing paper
  • Backing paper is see-through enough for tracing - making designs even easier!
  • No slippages when hemming with a zigzag stitch

What We Offer...

Vilene Bondaweb (45cm) - Per Metre

Get your hands on Vilene Bondaweb at Ajanta Studios to complete all your appliques, mending and handicrafts with a stunning, professional and reliable finish. Our Bondaweb is sold per metre and is 45cm wide to meet your project requirements and can also be folded for transport.

Post By Ed Mason