Whether you're skilled with a sewing machine or you're new to needlework, having the right sewing accessories to hand is essential.

The more experienced sewing enthusiast will have already have their trusty fabric scissors, pin cushions and measuring tape, but there are many other tools, devices and supplies that not only make your sewing endeavours easier but also significantly improve the quality of your beautifully finished project.

On the other hand, novices to the needle and thread world will need a little bit of guidance. Ajanta Studios has got all your basics covered in handy beginner kits and our complete Haberdashery Essentials range, allowing you to pick up exactly what you need to get your sewing project off to a flying start.

In our latest blog, Ajanta Studios has assembled some of the less obvious sewing accessories needed for any seasoned sewing pro and some of the absolute must-haves for those just starting out on their sewing journey.

Hemline Sewing Machine Dust Cover

Protect your sewing machine against dust, dirt, lint and even sunlight with this brilliant sewing machine cover from Hemline. A great choice for sewing machines of all different types and sizes, everyone needs to keep their sewing machine clean, protected and operating at its very best with this high quality cover.

Hemline Measuring Gauge

Great for sewing and quilting, this measuring gauge is a handy tool for checking small sewing measurements and features 14 different measurements for your next project

Milward Travel Sewing Kit

On-the-go sewing is easy with the Milward Travel Sewing Kit. Wherever you find yourself, you'll always have your sewing essentials to hand, including scissors, a needle threader and tweezers, thread, buttons safety pins and more - all contained in a practical plastic travel case!

Hemline Sewing Machine Oil

Great for sewing machines and general use applications, this fine quality machine oil is a maintenance must-have for your machine. The oil will allow your sewing machine mechanisms to run smoothly without friction and also prevents against rust and other forms of damage.

Hemline Fabric Markers Dressmaker Pencil Set

A pencil for every fabric colour! This set of 3 fabric markers are high in quality and come with plastic lids to protect the points. Marks can also easily be removed with a damp cloth or by rinsing in cold water.

Hemline Sewing Machine Stretch Belt

This black rubber sewing machine motor belt is a versatile choice for use with your machine's external motors and appliances. A vital accessory for replacing cracked, disintegrating or slack sewing machine belts and bad belts in general.

Hemline Sewing Machine & Overlocker Service Kit

To keep your sewing machine in full working order, this handy service kit for sewing machines and overlockers includes a large, soft brush to clean out the bobbin and feed teeth. The small screwdriver adjusts the bobbin case tension and the large screwdriver can be used for general care.

Sew Easy Magnetic Needle Case

This compact and exceptionally useful needle case includes one gold eye needle and needle threader. It also features a magnetic base that holds the needles tightly and the lid has a handy magnifier for easy threading.

Ajanta Beginners 11 Piece Sewing Selection Kit

Everything you need to set you up in the sewing world! This kit contains all the accessories that any beginner could ever want, including thread, embroidery scissors, needle threaders, a tape measure and more, all specially assembled by Ajanta Studios!

Ajanta 9 Piece Haberdashery Care & Repair Sewing Kit

The ultimate kit for those interested in caring for, mending and looking after their clothes, accessories and homeware. This brilliant mender's set includes iron-on repair pockets, a threaded needle kit, a name label kit, mending tape, snap fasteners and so much more.

Post By Ed Mason