Fuzziness, pilling or an unsightly bobble-ridden texture can be the blight of many knitting projects. Usually caused by excessive wear and washing, a fuzzy texture or ugly formation of fibrous balls can make any beautiful sweater, jumper, bobble hat or scarf project look less than perfect. What's worse is when you spot the early signs of fuzziness or pilling shortly after your project is completed, making your hard work look worn out from the very first wear...

There are many things you can do to prevent pilling, from using fabric softeners and different detergents to choosing a more gentle wash cycle. You can even try a lower washing machine speed or even hand wash more delicate items. If your favourite knitted garments are becoming plagued with fuzzballs, you can save that particular item for wearing on special occasions or purchase a pill remover tool to restore your most treasured items.

All these anti-pilling hacks are sure to be effective, however the best solution is to start by using the right yarn in the first place. Employing the correct yarn is going to keep textiles looking smart and less worn out for longer, while making sure that you're using the right yarn, as per the instructions or directions, is going to give your project the best chance against pilling and fuzz.

The best yarns to hit back against pilling will be those smoother, thinner and higher quality options that have inherent properties that resist abrasion and prevent the fuzzing and pilling processes from occurring. In our latest blog, Ajanta Studios will shed light on the very best yarns that you should reach for if you want to prevent pilling and fight off fuzziness.

Cotton Yarn

Cotton is a durable choice of yarn that is unlikely to pill when exposed to friction or abrasion. Although cotton lacks stretch, the strength it possesses means that your knitting projects will likely still look the same for years and won't show any signs of pilling for a very long time.

Linen Yarn

Linen is a popular choice for its luxurious smoothness, impressive strength and beautiful visual appearance. Unlike inferior yarns, linen is naturally non-pilling and continued washing can actually make projects based on a linen yarn softer instead of degrading the fibres. Linen is also anti-fungal and isn't susceptible to moth attack.

Bamboo Yarn

Bamboo yarn is very strong and long-lasting which contributes to its anti-pill properties. The longer natural fibres in bamboo will make it less susceptible to fuzzballs and you'll also benefit from its moisture-wicking, antibacterial and odour resistant attributes.

Rayon Yarn

Rayon is made from natural cellulose that has undergone a chemical process, making it highly resistant to pilling. It also feels great next to your skin, offering great breathability and moisture-wicking benefits. Rayon and bamboo are similar but whereas bamboo contains natural bamboo fibres, Rayon is the product of a unique process of dissolving, converting and regenerating fibrous cellulose.

Merino Wool

Of all the wool yarns least likely to bobble, Merino wool is your best bet. This strong, luxuriously smooth, long and thin-fibre yarn won't pill so long as it's tightly spun. Although Merino wool isn't immune to the effects of fuzziness, it will hold up incredibly well compared to lower quality wools and synthetic yarns.

Post By Ed Mason