What Is Tapisserie Wool?

Tuesday, 30th of January 2024

From topstitch, jean and tackling thread to tapisserie wool, the world of haberdashery is home to a wide range of materials that are specially chosen to improve the quality and style of your next project and make the creation of it even smoother and easier

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Top 5 Knitting Yarns That Won't Pill Or Get Fuzzy

Saturday, 30th of September 2023

Fuzziness, pilling or an unsightly bobble-ridden texture can be the blight of many knitting projects. Usually caused by excessive wear and washing, a fuzzy texture or ugly formation of fibrous balls can make any beautiful sweater, jumper, bobble hat or scarf

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What Is The Best Way To Use Bondaweb In Textiles?

Tuesday, 6th of June 2023

If your latest needlework project is all about appliqué motifs, handicrafts or another form of fabric joining, then you need to get familiar with the brilliance of Bondaweb.

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What Are Cable Stitch Needles Used For?

Friday, 31st of March 2023

From straight needles to circular, double pointed to interchangeable knitting needles, there are a wide range of different pointed knitting tools out there to suit your next project. For knitting experts, choosing the right needle is very instinctive but for

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10 Must-Have Sewing Accessories You Can't Live Without

Wednesday, 21st of December 2022

Whether you're skilled with a sewing machine or you're new to needlework, having the right sewing accessories to hand is essential.

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