Here at Ajanta Studios we understand that the desire to sew amazing creations that your family love is one that we all have, but sometimes a lack of practice gets in the way. Many sewing beginners make the mistake of assuming that sewing projects are simple and jump straight into huge tasks such as curtains before they can successfully make a pillow. So if you are really bitten by the sewing bug but don't really know where to start, we have found 7 great sewing projects for beginners that will satisfy that creative craving, without the complexities. Follow the links to discover the tutorials.

1.) Tooth Fairy Pillow


One of the most rewarding sewing projects are the ones that we create for our families, and this great sewing project for beginners by Martha Stewart is perfect. Featuring a cute pillow with sewn on pocket where your child can leave their tooth and receive their money from the tooth fairy is simply wonderful. The whole sewing project just takes 7 simple steps, a Martha Stewart classic.

2.) Drawstring Bag


This design is perfect for those sewing beginners that want to make a great gift that is suitable for everyone. Not using too many materials, the drawstring bags can be made in a flash and make ideal gift bags that can be filled with everything from new baby clothes to even some home-made gifts.

3.) iPad Sleeve Case


A gadget accessory that you can be sure anyone will love. Choose from a variety of different fabrics and adorn with whatever materials you like from buttons to ribbons. This makes a great gift but also is an extremely practical way to ensure that your iPad says protected.

4.) Easy Reversible Scarves


For when the winter draws in, the only accessory that you need is a great scarf that is warm but also features a great pattern. This beginners sewing project features fleece on one side of the scarf and a beautiful coloured material of your choice on the other. Ideal for cold days and nights.

5.) Easy D-Ring Belts


An easy sewing project that allows you to be creative with colour, these D-Ring belts are extremely simple and only include 3 materials; some cotton webbing or ribbon, 2 D-Rings and matching thread. A great design that really holds the wow factor.

6.) Snack Bags


A fun little project that puts the joy back into eating your favourite treat. This special beginners sewing project is also eco-friendly, with the bags being perfect to take on a journey. Make them that extra bit more special by customising them yourself.

7.) Carry All Bag


Ideal for carrying gym equipment or art supplies, these simple sewing project bags can be made to a larger size if required. The perfect project that you can use again and again.

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