When it comes to our latest knitting projects, we all want to know how to get quicker, more efficient and more organised! Ajanta Studios has put together a list of time saving tips for beginners and experts to make sure you're getting the most out of your favoruite yarns...

Choose The Right Knitting Needles

Getting the right knitting needles for each specific job will make your life easier. For example, if your yarn is made from super soft silk, metal needles won't provide enough traction and will cause slippage, making your knitting endeavours extra fiddly! Makes sure you use a wooden or bamboo knitting pin - they will grip to your yarn more easily and feel great to touch, particularly if you choose something like the Pony Rosewood Knitting Pin that is not only made from eco-friendly materials but also hard-wearing and luxurious to touch.

Learn To Knit Without Looking

An essential skill for any knitter, learning to knit without looking is something that you can get into the habit of doing even from beginner level. To get used to doing it, start looking away every few stitches that you knit and get used to using your tactile sense of touch to visualise the needles and knitting technique. This is something you may have to work up to once you have the basics sorted but if you keep practicing you'll soon be able to multitask while you knit, putting your favourite TV shows on while you work through your latest project!

Stay Organised 

Sifting through draws full of tangled yarn, mismatched knitting needles and cluttered tools is enough to drive you mad! Get organised today and the next time you reach for all your knitting equipment you'll know just where to find it. Why not try out our Reisenthel Fancy Knitting Bag  - perfect for storing all your knitting supplies, includes plenty of zips and a large removable zipped pocket for portability.

Start Using Lifelines

As we get more confident, we tend to knit while we're doing something else - however we may run into a few mistakes if we're not careful. Solution! Instead of ripping out a knit and starting again, create yourself a lifeline. This video shows you how to use a simple piece of dental floss to save your project from disaster!




Learn How To Join In A New Ball of Yarn

If you've finished your first ball of yarn or looking to weave in a new colour, the technique of joining in a new ball is a handy skill to learn. There are many ways to go about this, but if you're looking for the most fuss-free solution, simply tie the two separate strands together - you can also weave the ends in later, neatly changing balls at the end of a row for a professional finish.

Post By Ed Mason