With a seemingly endless amount of different yarn on offer, getting to know the weights and needle sizes available can be confusing, especially if you're not entirely sure what your latest projects requires! To help you out, Ajanta Studio have put together a great go-to guide to understanding our yarn weight section before you buy!

Lace (3 Ply)

Ideal for socks, shawls and baby clothes, 3-ply (light fingering) yarn is your best choice for fine knits. A super light, soft fabric, this is your best choice for lace knitting - your needle of choice is 2.75mm - you can buy your pony knitting needles here.

Super Fine (4 Ply)

From detailed colour projects such as intarsia and challenging pattern work, 4 Ply wool is slightly heavier than 3 ply but can still be used for baby clothes, socks and is also suited to lightweight kids garments and outdoor knits for grownups. 3-4mm needles will do the job brilliantly.


Cosy and thick, Aran wool is designed for your cold weather jumpers and similar outdoor garments that require a little extra warmth. Make your clothing last longer with a durable, hard wearing finish and instantly create a more classic, rustic look with all your clothing projects. Use 4 - 5.5mm knitting needle sizes here.


Who can turn down a chunky knit? If you're looking for something even cosier than Aran, make some thick jumpers, knitted outerwear and other winter wardrobe accessories like hats and other oversized fashion knits. Your knitting needle of choice is between 5.5 - 7mm.

DK Double Knit

DK, or double knit, is an incredibly popular, versatile and widely used yarn weight for jumpers, cardigans, kids clothing, home accessories and more. Twice the weight of 4 Ply you can knit on needles from 3.75 - 4.50mm.


If you're looking to add a touch of style to your knitting projects, fashion yarn is full of flair, colour and creativity to make a real statement! Choose from an array of glamorous textures to suit any special ideas you have in mind.

Super Chunky

You've heard of chunky knits, why not take it to the next level? Nothing will make your projects bigger and cosier than a super chunky option - an unmissable choice for oversized jumpers, thick ponchos, long winter scarves, big sofa cushions, cable knit patterns and so much more! For knitting needles, think 8 - 15.00mm for those super-sized yarns!


Post By Ed Mason