With summer now far behind us and the autumn clouds now drawing in, it can be hard to look on the bright side of winter's on set. But with every cloud comes a silver lining, or blue or even green for that matter, because as soon as the first autumn leaf falls many keen knitters are considering their next big knitting project for the run up to Christmas. So why not take a little inspiration from autumn and use this time to knit something truly wonderful either for a loved one or specially for yourself. Here are 5 great, and surprisingly easy, knitting projects that are perfect to do during the autumn months.

1) Knitting Toys


We all remember receiving that special knitted toy, that we clung onto into throughout our childhood and quite possibly is still seen in our now adult homes. This fascination with these knitted toys, isn't born from the idea that they are expensive but because they are made with care and love. This autumn why not continue this tradition and knit a toy for a child in your family. One pattern that we love the idea of is this little black owl. Designed specifically for Halloween this owl is more cute rather than scary. Simply change the colour of yarn and follow the pattern for a gorgeous gift that is suitable for any child.

2) Mug Warmers


This is definitely a trend that is going around Pinterest at the moment, and we can understand why. The perfect way to add some colour and texture to dull old mugs, these patterns are even great if you only have a few odds bits of yarn left. With a simple patten you only need to knit a length that will fit around your mug and you can even secure it with a button.

3) Scarves


Who doesn't love a nice chunky knit scarf during the cold dark autumn months? Try and use a nice thick chunky yarn with a suitable pattern to really generate some texture and keep you warm. These scarves are also ideal for you to experiment with different colours, suitable for a great gift.

4) Mittens


Screaming back into fashion, this winter is all about the mitten. So why not knit your own? With hundreds of different patterns around the internet, you can even redesign the mitten to suit your needs such as creating a fingerless glove with a mitten cover attachment for freedom of movement.

5) Decorations


Knitting is usually seen as a way to create clothing pieces and is rarely used for decoration. These adorable autumn leaves are the perfect easy knitting project that can be used to decorate your home leading up to the festive season. Why not experiment with colours and create a beautiful garland to really bring the spirit of autumn into your home.

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