The common, everyday dream of getting on a boat and floating out to sea is, as we see it, only half the fantasy. Our real joy would come from returning to shore to find a rustic, suitably aged coastal chic home ready to welcome us with abundant curtains and bedding awash with beautiful nautical furnishing fabrics. This loving for by-the-sea living is basically what every beach hut gift shop and bathroom ornament aisle is trying to sell to us; a miniature, liveable lighthouse which is conveniently free of any problems that would normally plague people living by the sea (tourists, high maintenance costs, ridiculous insurance prices...) in lieu of a permanent, therapeutic presence of salt water and fresh sea air.

The general un-attainability of such cabin quarters are just a fact of life, but luckily, home furniture specialists like Clarke & Clarke have an abundant of nautical furnishing fabrics that let you turn your dry, boring abode into a coastal home welcoming of any skipper. Whether your preferences lie in boats, ropes or just general...sort of sea-like colours, these following drape are small reminder of how beautifully blue life at sea can be.

From the Story Book Collection:

2_368x368Rope Stripe Blue
4_368x368Anchors Navy
1_368x368Seashore Blue 
3_368x368Sailing Boats Blue
These magical patterns from Clarke & Clarke's Story Book collection are ideal for any coastal home that wants to use nautical fabrics to tell many tall, high seas tales. The use of embroidered illustration and classic navy symbols makes them highly recommendable for use as curtains or bedding in any room in your house, but in particular children's bedrooms or playrooms. Whether the look you're going for makes use of slender ropey stripes, busy picturebook harbours, the indistinguishable navy anchor symbol or some mix of the three, Clarke & Clarke's Story Book collection is an ideal place to start when casting off on your ideal coastal home.

From the Coastal Linens Collection:

5_368x368Clifford Check Denim
6_368x368Clifford Check Mineral
 7_368x368Cove Check Pink 8_368x368Harbour Stripe Denim
Some people feel the quality of a coastal home is its subtlety. Not being able to move for little pictures of boats or oceanic paraphernalia is great, but would anyone living by the sea have so much of that kind of stuff in their house? The Clarke & Clarke Coastal Linens collection is a set of drapery furnishing fabrics that focus on the colours of your local pier; the dimly lit sky blues, the earthy tone of sea water and the bright flowing reds of a seaside arcade. These nautical fabrics are profoundly old school and yet exceedingly modern in their use of 100% linen material.

Also worth considering...

Dylon Machine Dye - Navy Blue

If you've already got too many fabrics to go around, and want to re-purpose them for the sake of your dream coastal home, then Dylon's Navy coloured Machine Fabric Dye is a simple solution that can make a profound impact on your floating living space. Whether it's plain clothes that need a more warmly shade of blue, or soft furnishing in need of a transformation, this pack can dye up to 600g of dry weight fabric.

If you have any ways which nautical furnishing fabrics can improve the appearance of your own little coastal home, let us know at the Ajanta Studios Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

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