Being the reliable source for painters since it's humble beginnings in 1832, Winsor & Newton's paints are now some of the best known products used within fine art around the globe. Starting purely from the amalgamation of an artist's - Henry Newton - and a chemist's - William Winsor - idea of what was needed to produce a fine product that was worthy of any established artist, Winsor & Newton have led the way in their field.

After formulating a superb range of colours unlike any that were available before, Winsor & Newton's paint range just kept on inventing innovative ideas, such as the first durable opaque watercolour “Chinese White” and the collapsible tin tubes for oil and watercolours. Eventually being appointed a royal warrant from Queen Victoria which is still received today, Winsor & Newton never stopped their products from being available to artists. In the 20th century the company expanded their number of factories and ensured that brush and colour production continued throughout both World Wars.

Now in the new age of painting products, Winsor & Newton still maintain a strong brand appointing “colourmen” or chemists to make sure that colours are blended to perfection and made to the finest quality. The company are here to stay and are ensuring that the earth is here to reap the benefits by practising socially and environmentally responsible tactics, such as creating oil paints that are free of traditional solvents and rainwater collection systems that cut fresh water consumption.

Here at Ajanta Studios we are proud to make available a product that is not only rich in heritage, but employs an impeccable set of ethics that ensure every product is made with the finest quality and care.

Our Range of Winsor & Newton Paints

Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour

orange oil colour

Perfect for working outdoors this range of fast drying paints has been specially designed to suit the needs of artists that are working in troublesome conditions. The quick drying feature of this oil colour also enhances the transparency of the colour.

Artisan Water Mixable Oil

yellow mixable paint

Designed to look like traditional oil colours but without the harmful solvents, the mixable colour can be thinned and cleaned with just water. Helping you to achieve the perfect finish.

Artists' Oil Colour

artists oil colour

Providing a vivid and natural colour the oil colour uses pure pigments for a truly astonishing paint. Offers excellent covering power and tinting strength.

Oil Paint

green oil paint

With enhancing properties the oil paint is perfect for those who require large volumes of colour with a good coverage.

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