Whether it’s your new outlet to de-stress or the first dab in a brightly coloured future, acrylic painting is a fantastic activity that offers an instant reward not often found with watercolours or oil. Its quick drying time and multiple applications have made acrylics a popular choice for many a painter, but it’s ease of use also means that any avid artist burrows through a tube quite quickly. For students or those working to a budget, this can be quite a tough hurdle; however there is a fantastic solution for both beginners and professionals alike: Galeria Acrylic Paints.

An inexpensive, easy to apply range from one of the oldest manufacturers of fine art supplies, Winsor & Newton, Galeria acrylics offer endless opportunities for any creative spark to reach their potential. In this entry of the Ajanta Studios blog, we shine our product spotlight on this tried and tested favourite of learning painters everywhere.

There are plenty of things that can hold a painter from completing their latest masterpiece. These can include a lack of inspiration, motivation or even just enough free time to work, but one thing more common than all of these is a shortage of paint supplies. This is certainly a familiar feeling to those who enjoy the lush polymer base of acrylic paints, with the extraordinary price of most professional acrylics putting quite a sting onto us non-professionals. Galeria acrylic paints however possess many of the working characteristics of their higher tier counterparts, but their more reasonable price range allows a relaxed level of learning and experimentation.

 Image of Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Colour Paint 60ml - Flesh tint
60ml - Flesh Tint
 Image of Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Colour Paint 60ml - Red Ochre
60ml - Red Ochre
 Image of Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Colour Paint 60ml - Buff Titanium
60ml - Buff Titanium
Even when you’re not working with top-quality artists paints, it’s still hugely important to be quite selective about which hues you’ll ultimately be using. Galeria Acrylics are a solid bet in this regard; though they don’t produce as saturated colour mixes as Winsor & Newton’s artist’s range, the results are more than adequate for the needs of a student grade paint. This includes a strong colour range (60 colours!), good brush stroke retention, solid covering power and an ease in spreading and mixing. Each dries to a nice looking satin finish, and a matt or gloss finish is easy to create by adding the appropriate Galeria medium.

One notable aspect of Galeria acrylic paints is its range of ‘hues’. This where alternative pigments have been used in lieu of traditional, more expensive choices to create traditional paint colours. Some examples of these sorts of shades in the Galeria acrylic paint range include Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue and Cobalt Blue Hue, which both use a careful selection of pigments to closely resemble their namesakes. Whilst these naturally don’t have quite the same depth as the real thing, the experts at Winsor & Newton have strived to deliver colours to make you as familiar as possible when it becomes time to invest in more expensive acrylics.

Before you buy, it’s also worth noting down which of the colours in the Galeria acrylic range are tints. These are mixtures of different pigments, and depending on how particular you are about a decent final result, it may be beneficial to study Galeria’s Acrylic colour chart, and/or to mix white into an untinted colour.

So where to start with Galeria Acrylic Paints? The 10 x 20ml tube set is a good point; packing in an essential tenfold of colours that would be required regardless of whether you intend to apply them pure or dilute them using water. After that it’s just a case of filling in your collection as and when you need it, such as the ‘Flesh Tint’ colour for peachy skin tones or ‘Buff Titanium’ for adding subtle highlights. Despite being student grade paints, you can create some amazing pieces with Galeria acrylic paints, getting a real grasp on what you want your colours to do all without limiting the painting resources before you. For first time acrylics painters and those learning the finer points of the brush, no range comes more highly recommended than Galeria.

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