When dying fabrics it is perfectly natural to feel a little nervous, especially if you are dying something for the first time. Here at Ajanta Studios we have put together a few helpful tips and basic instructions on how to use the three different types of Dylon Dye, so you can make sure that you get the most out of your product and breathe new life into fabric.

Please be aware that the instructions supplied are very basic, make sure that you read the printed instructions that come with each product before use.

Dylon Pre-Dye

pre dye

If you want to change the colour of fabric easily then using a pre-dye is the easiest way to do this. Dylon's Pre-Dye strips the colour out of fabric creating a good base for the new dye to latch onto. This product is best used before machine dye but may not be suitable for all fabric so make sure that you read the label before use.

According to Dylon, 1 box of Pre-Dye will treat up to 2.5kg of fabric meaning that if you are using it with machine dye then you only need 1 box for every 4-5 boxes of machine dye.


1) Weigh fabric and set on the longest/ hottest cycle.

2) Dissolve pack with 2ltrs of hot water and add to the dispenser. (Always use the whole pack).

3) When the cycle is finished, run the fabric through a normal wash cycle.

Dylon Hand Dye

hand dye

This dye is perfect for smaller items such as vests and delicates that aren't suited to the wash. Always remember to wear gloves during use to not stain the hands or cause irritation.


1) Weigh fabric, wash and then leave damp.

2) Dissolve the dye in 500ml of warm water using gloves.

3) Fill a bowl with 6 ltrs of warm water.

4) Add 250g of salt and the dye, then stir for 15 mins, then regularly for 45mins.

5) Rinse in cold water and dry away from sunlight so it doesn't fade.

Dylon Machine Dye

machine dye

This dye is wonderfully easy to use and also helps to dye more than one item.


1) Weigh fabric.

2) Wash.

3) Empty contents into the drum wearing gloves.

4) Add 500g of salt.

5) Place the damp fabric into the washing machine.

6) Run a 40°C cycle.

7) Add detergent when complete and run again.

8) Clean machine afterwards with an empty cycle.

9) Dry away from sunlight.

And there you have it, dying your fabric has never been easier!

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