Wool roving is produced during the process of making spun yarn from wool fleece, raw cotton, or other fibres. Their main use is as fibre prepared for spinning, but they may also be used for specialised kinds of knitting or other textile arts. Roving looks like bright, fluffy clouds of wool which makes them a popular choice for craft projects that resemble animals or fairies. For this blog post, we have compiled a list of some of our favourite DIYs that make use of wool roving.

Wool Alphabet

This Wool Alphabet is simply lovely and would make a delightful decorative piece for any child's bedroom. They would also make a fabulous gift or could even be used to attach to the outside of a gift. All you need to complete this craft project is wool roving, bubble wrap, soap, a rolling pin, scissors, hot water and a bowl.

Felted Wool Dryer Balls

Think of these Felted Wool Dryer Balls as little eco-friendly static-fighters that can be used in place of traditional dryer sheets. They are quick and easy to make and help keep the clothes soft, wrinkle-free and reduce static and best of all, they will last up to 5 years!

Felted Pebbles

These felted pebbles are a super fun DIY that can be done with the whole family. They have great texture and weight and would look wonderful in a wooden bowl, on a shelf or your dining room table. Quick and easy to make, kids will love working with the warm soapy water.

Quick Weave Wall Hanging

A textural weave DIY that would look amazing hanging on any wall in your house. This Quick Weave Wall Hanging uses chunky yarns and specific stitches so you can fill your loom in less than half the time it usually takes. This design can be easily customised to fit any home’s colours and would make a thoughtful housewarming present.

Felted Golf Ball Vase Filler

All you need to make these Felted Golf Ball Vase Fillers is a bowl of hot, soapy water, a small pack of felt roving, a plastic bag and three golf balls. Once finished, these felted golf balls would make great vase fillers and would look wonderful in a range of different colours.

Wool Felted Sheep

These Wool Felted Sheep are utterly adorable and perfect for springtime! These felted sheep have a foam egg base, which makes them much easier to craft than if it were all roving wool. A lovely DIY crafting project that you can get your little ones involved with.

Felted Macaron Garland

This 3D DIY felted macaron garland is super cute and pretty easy to recreate. It would look wonderful strung up in a kids room or even above a sweets table at a party. The materials needed for this craft project include wool roving, a needle felting mat, Clover multi felting needle, white roving yarn, baker’s twine and an embroidery needle.

Wool Roving Fairy

These wool roving fairies serve as angels around Christmas time, but also make fantastic guardian angel gifts for friends and family and any time of year. All you need to make this fairy is wool roving in a flesh tone, a felting needle, 1 – 5.5 inch pipe cleaner and a 5 inch x 5 inch foam piece.

We hope you have been inspired by some of these fantastic DIY craft projects. For more crafting ideas, be sure to check out our other blog posts here

Post By Rosie Burnman