Your yarn drawer is full, your knitting bag is bursting at the seams, but you feel like there's something missing...

If this is how you're feeling you may be missing a few crucial knitting accessories from your toolkit. Whether you're a beginner or a knitting pro, everyone could use a few extra gadgets to make that next big project a little bit easier. Ajanta Studio have put together some of our favourite overlooked items that you can't do without...

Crochet Hook

Crochet hooks do far more than simply make loops in your yarns for crochet stitching. There are many weird and wonderful ways you can use them - from closing buttons on the back of wedding and evening dresses to picking up dropped stitches, repairing snagged threads and many more tasks around the house, so always keep one handy!


Knitting Gauge 

Needle gauges are a must-have for needlework, but why do are they so underused? They're a more transportable and easy to use alternative to tape measures that make figuring out knitting needle sizes completely fuss free. Ajanta Studio stock a standard Pony Knitting Gauge and an alternative for larger needles (11mm - 25mm).

Automatic Needle Threader

Many of us get by without a yarn threader, but once you switch to this handy little gadget, you'll be completely won over by this little lifesaver! Us knitters know that part of the yarn-working game is saving time and becoming more efficient with each project, so if you're looking for a simply way of speeding things up, try a needle threader.


Knitting apps

There's an app for everything nowadays so it makes sense to take a look at the knitting side of things. Whether you want to flick through knitting galleries, keep count of stitches or track your progress with patterns, having everything you need in your pocket is going to keep you organised and even refine your technique and inspire you.

Post By Ed Mason