You're at the beginning of your needlework journey and just getting a handle on working your yarn, but you keep running into problems - sound familiar? Don't worry, we've all been there and the good news is that many rookie mistakes are easy to correct!

Ajanta Studios will count down the most common knitting mistakes and how to solve them!

Your Knitting's Too Tight!

This is one of the most frequent problems that knitters face; you could be stitching on the tapering end of the needle, but more commonly than not, your technique is going to be the key to this correction. If you've only just picked up your knitting needles, the temptation is to grip onto them for dear life, but this is exactly what's causing the yarn tension.

Solution: Always ensure that you knit on the thickest part of the needle and keep your palm nice and loose, aiming for a more relaxed and consistent tension. Consider switching from wooden to metal needles if you're looking to give your yarn better mobility.

Too Many Stitches...

So you've got some extra stitches? This is another very common mistake that beginners are faced with and the best way to make sure that it doesn't happen to you is to be a diligent knitter. Keep an eye out on when those extra stitches and strange double crossed stitches start coming into your project and sort them out before they become a problem for your overall project.

Solution: Find out how to magic away all your issues in this handy video tutorial here...

Your Knitting Looks A Mess

When you're starting out, you're often going to be holding the tension less consistently that a more experienced knitter, which will cause the overall look of your fabric to be uneven - with visible evidence of tight and loose stitching throughout.

Solution: Practice, practice, practice! Finding a way of holding your yarn that works for you is going to give you the results you're looking for. Washing the fibres and blocking your project will also help to keep things looking even.

Dropped Stitches

Everyone does it and it looks worse than it is, trust us! You'll notice that stubborn stitch sitting at the bottom of your stockinette or garter - but it's not the end of the world.

Solution: Check out how salvage your dropped stitch in this easy knitting tutorial, here!

Post By Ed Mason