The summer heat is no reason to pack away your knitting bag. In fact, with so many relaxed moments to be had at the beach, travelling and just sitting out in your garden, it’s arguably the best time to start up a new project! The following are just a few of the top summer knitting ideas - clothing and accessory ideas that are practically perfect and perfectly practical for this time of the year!

Beach Tops

Knitted clothing is often associated with warmth and winter, but its penchant for large gaps in the patterns actually makes it ideal as a single layer top for hot and humid days.

Something for the Winter

With so much time to devote to knitting, many crafters like to use their summer time to start working on something winter-wearable, either for themselves or as a potential Christmas present. This chunky knitting pattern for a woman’s jacket, from James C Brett, is fashionable and straightforward, and can be worn in a variety of ways. The same can be said for this knitted jumper pattern, which avoids the usual cliches of a home-knitted sweater with a fashionable design.

Phone/iPad Cases

If you feel you already have enough handknitted clothes to last, then you can turn your crafting for a more modern purpose. Knitted cases for your phone, tablet or other essential mobile device always have a twee, charming feel to them. The theme is totally up to you; a cute animal never fails to impress, or given that we’re in another bout of Pokemadness, you could always create your very own Pokemon GO inspired cover!

Tote/Beach Bags

If you want to end up with something super practical at the end of your summer knitting, then we can’t think a better way to go than creating your very own warm weather carrier. If you want a bag with a little more character, this Bergere tote bag pattern combines a knitted pattern with faux leather, and even includes instructions for how to make and add your own felt moustache!

Post By Daniel Dilkes