When it comes to knitting, there’s much more to it than just finding the right pattern and wool. It requires a steady pair of hands, a certain amount of skill and patience and of course, the right tools to work with. Avid knitters will already know have their own ideas and tips as to what pieces work best for them when creating a great craft project. However for those who are new to the knitting world, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 knitting supplies every knitter needs!

It goes without saying that a good pair of scissors is essential to have at hand before you get going with a knitting project. They are important for cutting your fabric or wool cleanly without causing any fray or unravel of the material. Our range of scissors are available in several colours and are well made for most crafting projects.

Image of 4 Piece Scissor & Tool Set: Pink

Keep your material in place with these reliable pins which are designed for general household and craft project use. They are also supplied in a clear and reusable storage box to keep them handy for quick access when you are working on your next knitting project.

Image of Hemline Extra Value 2mm Standard Pins (600 Pack)

Safety Pins
Ensure your craft is stored away safely by using safety pins to keep it in place until you are ready to use it again. These pins are designed in a variety of colours to suit every purpose and are ideal for all types of sewing or knitting projects.

Image of Hemline Safety Pins (Assorted Colours) - 50pcs

Seam Ripper
There’s nothing worse than making a mistake and not being able to rectify it. Having a seam ripper at hand will ensure you can unpick any stitching which did not go according to plan. Suitable for many purposes, you can cut open button holes neatly and it also features a safety ball and a lid.

Image of Hemline Small Seam Ripper

Knitting Pins
Our selection of knitting pins and needles are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. They are also made with excellent solid aluminium which is lightweight and flexible and are able to provide ease of use on most knitting projects.

Image of Pony Knitting Needles - 25cm x 10mm (Pair)

So whether you’re planning on knitting a warm winter jumper or another project that can be relied upon to stand the test of time, these essential knitting supplies will be a key part to your end product!

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