As fabric dyes are incredibly handy to have around the home and simple to use, it’s easy to understand why they are a popular choice for changing the colour of your chosen fabric. Fabric dyeing is certainly an art form and once you’ve had a go at your first project, you’re bound to want to breathe new life into even more items around the home. So to ensure it isn’t a messy project here’s some easy ways to use fabric dye!

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# Mix Dye & Hot Water In A Bowl
Hot water allows for easier dissolving, however if your fabric is a new item then it is best to wash this first. Simply use the hottest temperature from the tap and pour into a bowl - there is no need to use boiled water from a kettle or stove.

# Get The Colour You Want
In order to make sure you get the colour you want, you can make a small dye bath first so you don’t waste any liquid. It is recommended to test the colour with a paper towel first then make the bath a larger amount once you have reached the desired colour.

# Preparation
To avoid a liquid mess in your kitchen, make sure you cover the work area with a plastic table cover, newspaper or have paper towels at the ready to take care of spills.

# Testing Fabrics
It’s never easy to tell how a fabric will take to a colour so it is best to use trimming and stitching so you can test different colours on the fabric. Although dyeing is an effective way of enlightening old fabrics, it won’t be able to remove stains.

# Consider The Material
It is important to remember that materials such as cotton, linen, silk and wool are much better to use with dye than synthetics because they are natural fibers.

# Large Items
When it comes to dyeing larger items such as bedding and tablecloths, it’s important to keep the fabric moving while it sits in the dye bath. This ensures the colours are distributed evenly in a large container.

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