When the weather is frightful outside and you find yourself with some spare time at home, starting a new winter sewing pattern is a great idea to keep you occupied indoors! If you’re just beginning, it can be an exciting challenge, but it’s also a good opportunity to get into the world of sewing. Being able to update your wardrobe without the expense is just one of the many benefits of sewing! So to inspire you for the winter season, here are some sewing patterns for beginners!

McCalls Pattern M7194
A perfect choice for winter, this McCalls sewing pattern will create a stylish long sleeved top to keep you warm and cosy. It is ideal for wearing with jeans or any casual outfit.

Image of McCalls pattern M7194

McCalls Pattern M6966
This excellent sewing pattern from McCalls is perfect for ladies who enjoy wearing long and comfortable skirts in winter. It is also part of the easy collection to help you master the basics of sewing clothing.

Image of McCalls pattern M6966

Butterick Pattern B6104
This sewing pattern from Butterick lets even those only modestly experienced in making clothes to create one of four designs of a lady’s jacket, each with their own closing and layout. It is a relatively easy pattern for this with limited knowledge and time, yet still challenges with a few extra details.

Image of Butterick pattern B6104

Vogue Pattern V9155
Dress up for winter with this great sewing pattern for beginners from Vogue. It will create a stylish pair of winter trousers that’s suitable for any formal occasion.

Image of Vogue Pattern V9155

McCalls Pattern M7057
Fashionable and simple, this McCalls pattern can be used to create trendy vest tops, jackets and belts which are perfect for winter fashion.

Image of McCalls pattern M7057

McCalls Pattern M7257
This unique sewing pattern from McCalls will create a warm and stylish option for winter. It is also ideal for learning to master the basics of sewing.

Image of McCalls Pattern M7257

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