If you’re a keen seamstress, you will be well aware of how fiddly all the equipment can be. Keeping all of your bits and bobs together is important for organisation and ensuring that you can grab any accessory you require with ease. Safe and tidy storage will mean that sewing, knitting and craft supplies are always close at hand so that you can start your next project with a peace of mind! So to get yourself organised, here’s a list of some of our creative sewing storage ideas.

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10. Dress Up Your Drawer
Storing your sewing pieces doesn’t have to be boring as you can dress up your drawer to make it more interesting! Simply line your drawer with some fancy wallpaper and fill with small dishes for your bits and bobs.

9. Hang Up Fabric
Make great hangers for your fabric by mounting cafe rods to a wall or a cabinet. Arrange your fabric by colour or designer to allow for easy browsing.

8. Use Clear Plastic Boxes
Store your pre-cut fabrics in clear plastic boxes and label them so you can always find the right items you need!

7. Use Jars
Instead of throwing away your used jars, why not them put them to good use by storing your small accessories tidily.

6. Use Old Shoe Boxes
A great storage place for fabrics and larger items, shoe boxes are an excellent way of keeping your belongings tidy.

5. Use Shoe Organisers
Shoe organisers don’t just have to be used for shoes, they are also a great way of keeping your fabrics separate.

4. Toolboxes
Keep your needles, pins, buttons and other small items safe in the small compartments found in toolboxes. Not only is it organised, you can also take them with you on the go!

3. Pegboard
If you have enough space on your wall or on the inside of a cupboard door, you can use a pegboard to hold rulers, scissors and other small tools.

2. Small Plastic Bins
Find the perfect small plastic bin from a hardware or crafts store to keep your small sewing supplies safe.

1. Small Sewing BasketsSimple and easy to use, nothing quite beats an old fashioned sewing basket! With a varied selection to choose from in our range, you are sure to find the right pattern for you!

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