The fate of all fabrics is to eventually wear out; and although it depends on what kind of fabric you've chosen and how often you wear or use your garment or accessory, holes do have a habit of appearing in your favourite pieces.

In the modern day world of fast fashion and disposable style, mending clothes can seem outdated and even unnecessary due to the expedience of 'one-click' online shopping and next-day delivery. However, your favourite items can be given a new lease of life with just a couple of essential haberdashery disciplines... Among the most useful out there is mending and darning.

Although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there are a few vital differences that you need to get familiar with before you tackle the holes in your knitted jumpers, hats, socks and gloves. One of the wonderful things about knitting is that you can learn to restore your creations to their former glory. But if you're still a little unsure of what darning or mending garments looks like, then worry no more!

In our latest blog, Ajanta Studios will give you a little bit of knitting knowledge before you get to grips with mending or darning your woollen wardrobe favourites. We've also handpicked some of our fixing wool favourites to give your latest project a professional, high quality and seamless finish.

What's The Difference Between Mending & Darning?

The difference between mending and darning is subtle but significant. Mending is usually a more broad term used to describe the process of fixing damaged or worn out clothing, typically by adding a piece of fabric that matches an item of clothing that needs repairing.

Mending may also involve simply stitching a tear closed with a thread or mending wool of the same colour, whereas darning is a specific needlework skill for mending holes and reinforcing the specific area of weakened or worn out material. Darning can either take the form of a visible weaved pattern or a hidden patch that blends almost perfectly with the surrounding area of fabric.

What We Offer...

At Ajanta Studios, we have a wide range of mending and darning wools in an assortment of colours to meet the creative aspirations and practical requirements of your latest project. Browse a range of high quality products from trusted brand Scanfil.

Scanfil Mending & Darning Wool - Royal Blue (15m)

Fix fabric fast with this wool/nylon mending wool in a stunning Royal Blue shade. Suitable for darning and sewing repair work, this mending wool is great for repairing stylish sweaters, socks and more.

Scanfil Mending & Darning Wool - Charcoal (15m)

A popular choice for mending and darning, this 15m length charcoal wool is a must-have to have in your haberdashery collection. Scanfil Mending Wool can also be used for button making and in embroidery where a thicker yarn is required.

Scanfil Mending Cotton - White (15m)

Ideal for hand-stitching and darning thin clothing and other textiles, this 100% cotton choice will not only fix your fabrics in rapid time, it's the perfect choice for garments and accessories made from cotton and other plant-based fibres.

Post By Ed Mason