It takes a lot of skill, patience and passion to become a knitting pro, but there are a few things you can get to give you the edge over your needlework companions - so why not indulge a little?

Being a knitting obsessive comes naturally to us at Ajanta, so we've put together a few of our favourite bits and bobs to give you some inspiration that you can really get you needles into!

The Perfect Knitting Bag

Finding the ultimate storage bag for all your yarn and haberdashery essentials should not only be practical, but a real statement piece to show off your flair and creativity!

A Lovely Hat, Scarf And Glove Pattern

Whether you're wearing them together or separately, knitting this warm and snugly trio will transform your cold weather wardrobe instantly.

A Great Quality Set Of Bamboo Knitting Needles

Splashing out on some great bamboo knitting pins may cost you more, but you'll thank yourself for how great they feel against your go-to yarns.

A Zip Case Sewing Kit

This polka dot all-in-one will make you a mending genius in no time!

A Compact Scissor Sharpener

Give new life to old scissors with this sharpening tool that you can pick up at a moments notice!

Beautiful Antique-style Scissors

Every knitting obsessive needs a gorgeous pair of scissors by their side... So why not keep things classic with this silver number?

Balls Of Wall In All Your Favourite Colours

Having all your softest yarn in a rainbow of colours will have you constantly inspired and simply obsessed about what your next knitting project will be¬


Post By Ed Mason