Whether you’re an experienced knitter or have never even picked up a needle, sometimes it’s fun to create things without having to be skilled in the craft. This is one of the best things about yarn and for the creative type, these project ideas will certainly make exciting activities to fill your spare time. So if you’re not in the mood for knitting or simply want to try something different with your spare yarn, these no-knitting yarn project ideas are sure to keep you busy at home!

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7. Desk Organisers
All you need are some jars, mugs or containers, some decorative paper to cover them and of course some yarn! Ideal for jazzing up your desk, yarn can be used to decorate the your containers for stationery.

6. Thread Bracelet
Making colourful items of jewellery, you can use yarn to wrap with a metal chain or on its own to create unique bracelets to fit your wrist. When weaved together with a thin metal chain this may help to make it sturdier but either way, this will make an ideal piece of jewellery to make for yourself or as a gift.

5. Yarn Bouquet
This is simple to produce yet can be such a multi-purpose decoration for any room in the house. The trick is to continually wrap yarn around your palm then leave a longer piece for wrapping around the middle. To create the pom, cut both loops and continue to trim the pom until you achieve your desired look.

4. Yarn Wrapped Letter
Easy and inexpensive, a yarn wrapped letter will be ideal as a gift for a child to hang up in their room. All you need is to cut out the letter you’re using made out of wood, cardboard or your desired material, then continually wrap around it with different coloured yarn.

3. Yarn Wreath
If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your home with a handmade item, a yarn wreath offers a perfect option. Once you’ve got yourself a wreath form to work with, you can use any colour of yarn to start wrapping around the item. When you’ve finished the wrapping part, you can add your own choice of extra decoration such as flowers or hearts.

2. Lampshades
Lampshades provide an ideal canvas for wrapping and when complete with coloured yarn, they will look simply stunning in your home. This will also work well with solid colours or a mixture to create your own designs.

1. Napkin Rings
Dress up your dining table with little work by creating napkin rings wrapped in soft yarn. Perfect as display pieces for holding your cutlery, napkin rings can be coloured according to the season or occasion.

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