Since introducing our range of designs from the McCall’s sewing pattern company, we’re delighted to offer you a fantastic selection of patterns for all abilities. Perfect for those enjoy getting stuck into a creative project at home or simply want to improve their sewing skills, our range of dress patterns are both fashionable and unique. Providing you with the instructions to create a dress that really suits you, you can ensure that you will not be copied anywhere else!

Some More About McCall’s Sewing Patterns
For those who weren’t already aware, McCall’s sewing patterns have been around since 1770 and offer a wide variety of sewing patterns for men, women and children under various brand names. The company do everything from creating the designs to distributing the sewing patterns around the world. The brand names include the well known Butterick sewing pattern range, the McCall’s collection and the Vogue line.

To make things easier when you start from scratch, each sewing pattern comes with step-by-step instructions printed onto a user’s guide and a template sheet of tissue. The best thing about the McCall’s sewing pattern range is that each will guide you through every step of the way without overwhelming you. This includes how to cut out the template and how to select the best size for the wearer. In addition, the patterns are arranged into different difficulty levels so you can choose one that’s right for you.

What You Need When Using A Sewing Pattern
With the easy-to-follow instructions set out by McCall sewing patterns, you are sure to complete a fantastic dress piece. However, you will also need a specific set of tools to complete the job efficiently:

  • Pincushion
  • Chalk or tracing wheel
  • Straight pins
  • Tape measure
  • Paper scissors, fabric shears
  • Visible pen
Examples Of Dress Patterns


McCalls Pattern M6967

A perfect choice for the summer, McCall have created a pattern for sewers looking for something fun and and comfortable. These ladies dress designs feature different strap variations to suit the fashion of the wearer.

Image of McCalls pattern M6967

McCalls Pattern M6957
Another classic for the summer, this dress pattern will help you to create the perfect lady’s petite dress. Each pattern offers unique designs that will be familiar to those with experience.

Image of McCalls pattern M6957

McCalls Pattern M6953
Allowing you to create a variety of different length and sized lady’s dress, this simple sewing pattern offers a casual yet flattering design for any woman.

Image of McCalls pattern M6953

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