Christmas can sometimes leave your house in a bit of a clutter. The excess of wrapping paper, packaging and other trimmings certainly aren't helped by all the leftovers created by disposable advent calendars and throwaway decorations. For Christmas 2014, we at Ajanta Studios recommend taking a different mindset and approach to your holiday decor by creating your very own festive decorations by hand. A wonderful family activity for both children and adults alike, we've got two sewing patterns in particular that are very much worth adding to Santa's list!

make your own advent calendar

The Make Your Own Advent Calendar Kit is a fantastically ornate crafting project that, once completed, can be refilled, reused and re-cherished again and again for many Christmas' to come. A parcel containing all the already-printed materials and full making up instructions, it takes only a relatively small amount of sewing knowledge to turn this kit into a mainstay of your Yuletide decorating set.

With the image on the front being that of a roaring fireplace, the cosiness continues with 24 pictured panels to attach and stock up. Unlike regular, store-bought advent calendars, you can choose to be creative with the contents of each day's door. For example, instead of a simple cheap chocolate, you can house a more luxurious bit of bonbon, or something equally magical like a miniature toy, a clue to a special gift; whatever is the tradition in your family!

 make your own stocking make your own christmas stocking
Speaking of, one tradition we'd be very shocked to see missing from any festive household is the humble Christmas stocking. An old European custom that originally used just plain, ordinary socks, the practice of creating specially decorated stockings eventually came into play, and now these gigantic pieces of footwear are as exciting as the gifts they house. However the commercial expansion of the holiday has let the fun of creating your very own stocking to slowly fade out of the festivities, so we've decided to try and revive it with our very own Make Your Own Christmas Stocking Kit.

Complete with a cute little gingerbread name tag, like the advent calendar we've made sure to include all the necessary materials plus instructions - all you need is the needle, thread and a pair of scissors. It's another fantastic Christmas project for children, supervised of course, that will develop their crafting ability and an appreciation for all the hard work that gets done during the holidays!

If you get your handmade Xmas decorations done in time for December 25th this year, please do share a photo of your finished crafting product to our Facebook page, Twitter and Google+.

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